The Bully

Damaging words fly and slice
through the air.
Why do they do them, why do they care?
They throw thetm around with uncaring flare.

If they feel, they don't show.
If they care, they seemingly don't know.
Is it right? Is it not?
Should they continue? No way, no how!

But why do they hurt?
Why do they say what they say?

Hurtful emotions from a hurtful person, a hurtful person with emotional scars ...

Could they try to hurt you to try
to free themselves from the hurt they can't escape?
Would it matter to you?
Would it matter to them?

It matters ... so if you can, remember ...

Always remember the words
that try to damage you,
can come from a damaged place.

The bully who tries to bully may
also be bullied from within.
You could just be the target of what they feel inside.