Shaded Light

Here I sat,
from within,
in darkness.
Nothing around to light,
my shaded soul.
Shading for nothing,
shading, shading,
That's all I have
empty shading.

Here I sit,
pointlessly unable
to brighten anything.
My purpose,
where is it?
Unable to brighten,
to lighten,
to shine,
anything, anywhere.
I can't even brighten
the darkness of my life.
The darkness, the darkness ...
that's all.

What is happening?
What is going on?
I'm being placed in
more darkness?
darkness? darkness?
I already have darkness,
why more darkness?

But then all of a sudden,
a feeling,
an inner feeling,
a pure glow ...
joy erupting,
shining from within,
the shade no longer dark.
I no longer dark.

My shaded soul,
no longer empty shading.
My glowing soul,
shining within,
shining around.
one little thing,
changed everything.
Turned my empty shade
into something ...

That glow, that shade,
what a calming from
within ...
my light from within
glows silently
under and around
the empty shade
that is no longer.

That light,
that shade,
everything just,
everything ...
without that shade,
I am just a darkened light.
Without that light,
I am just an empty shade.
Together, forever,
we are brightly,
and shadly ...
a lamp.