Second Amendment

Our second amendment seems,
to be quite clear.
A well regulated militia seems to be,
something some fear.
Some words seem to be taken out,
as if they don't exist.
Others remain within their mind,
to stay within their memories list.
The security of a free state,
what does that even mean?
Guns, guns everywhere,
shooting and killing anything that can be seen?
One thing people seem to remember,
is the right to bear arms,
but what happens to the security of a free state,
when chaos ensues sounding the alarms?
Take all or take nothing,
that's how it should be.
Where is the insurance,
of domestic tranquility,
when mass shootings,
cause people to flee?
Understand what is written,
to understand everyone's rights.
The right to be arms,
just like the right
to not be focused through,
a mass shooters sights.