No Pity Through Inspiration

Houses going down,
foreclosures setting in.
Mind blissfully gleeful,
a smile on the soul.

Complaints and gripes nowhere around,
insanity must have set in,
complaints should be flourishing.
How could? How would? How should this be?
So joyous, so painlessly content ...
with content supposedly so painful.

Eyes must be set on something out of this world,
while grace sets within the heart.

Others watch in complete wonder,
"shouldn't this person be angry?", "shouldn't this person be ticked?",
"but this person isn't? ... who is this?",
whispers of wonder, "is this even human?".

Truthfulness and honesty that's all there is,
complaints and gripes flush down into the abyss.
Whispers and wonders turn to,
astonishment and amazement.

Inspiration glows from within,
inspiration through hardship,
inspiring others without a dash of pity.

Hardships don't feel like such hardships,
when inspiration helps to set grace within the heart.