Nature's Waiting

Warmth of the sun bursts through the air,
plant life breathes in life, breathes out life.
Swaying of the wind, trees wave side-to-side.
Life at its simplest, yet complex,
nature, unchaotically, living within itself.

Sun smiles down at everyone,
warming, and greeting them, seen or not.
Rays burst down onto their skin,
Like being wrapped in a warm blanket escaping the cold.

Nightfall darkens like a restful sleep,
helping nature rejuvenate for the rest.
Silence echoes like a soothing melody,
rhythmically rocking nature to a lull.

Day and night, day and night,
equally intertwined in everything,
Equally rejuvenating,
equally living within natures self.

Natures calming mediation of night,
natures energetic enthusiasm of day,
Nature erupting with life ...

Nature, unchaotically, living within itself,
waiting for all to be able to live,
unchaotically, within natures self.