Missing Box

Hours pass, slower and slower.
Time no longer moving.
Desperately and anxiously pacing in my mind.
What happened?  Where did it go?
I need it, I can't live without it.
Life wanting to rip it away, keep it away,
nowhere near, make sure it stays afar.
How desperately I've wanted it, how desperately I've need it,
How desperately I feel like I will never have it.
Like a story that never ends, calls, e-mails,
continue without hope.
Hope, what a word.
Hope, does it still exist?
Hope, where are you? Hope ... hello??
Silence echoes through my mind,
desperation fading.
No one knows? ... how could no one know ...
Hours stop, time no longer exists,
seconds feel like years.
Seconds. Feel. Like. Years ...
A gentle knock, am I dreaming?
A gentle knock, is it?
No, it can't, or is it?
Everything within my soul races towards it.
Outside a woman, stands, eyes enchanting,
hair flowing effortlessly like her beauty.
All of life focuses on her, background fades.
Without noticing within her hands, a box ... my box.
Hope you showed, hope you answered!
HOPE!!! ...
but a different hope showed.
The hope I never thought,
The hope I never knew I couldn't live without.
The hope in her eyes, the hope in her.
In her hands is what I desperately needed,
and no longer desperately want.
I hope seconds feel like years with her.
Without warning, without thinking, without wanting ...
What's your name? ...