The sinful life, at times, seems blissful to some,
suppressing enslavement of feelings till their numb.
Do right, do wrong, who cares if there are no lines of division,
No right, no wrong, who cares about a decision.

What do we do next? What do we do now? What does it matter?
Right, wrong, sin - any goodness or wholesomeness, unknowingly, you do shatter.
This life of sin seems like a life of pure joy,
That is until the suppressed feelings, creep out from within, indirectly, ripping apart things they enjoy.

Would they know? no. Would they care? no.
Ignorantly joyous though from within they are so low.
Happily unhappy, unknowingly knowing.
A sprinkle here, a sprinkle there ... their misery starts showing.

What could they change? What could they do?
To bring that eternal joy to bring them anew.
More sinful behavior, more sinful ways,
all that would do is bring more lows for forever days.

What could it be to bring the state of their life to unconditional love?
Change their view, redirect their view, to the eternal sunshine of peace that comes from above.
As the eternal flood rushes in, the feelings of change may make you uneasy as if they were wrong,
but as the waters run through, washing away the lows, unconditional love appears
like the glorious rays of sunshine of feelings from a song.

Feelings sprout in all locations, and scenarios,
love, manifesting from within, almost as if the love of light shows.
No more sadness, no more lows,
the eternal flood of love happily knows.

Eyes fixated above,
You'll finally be able to know,
you'll finally be able to feel,
you'll finally be able to spread ...
unconditional love.