In a world without You

What would I do in a
world without you?

In a world that should be clean,
only filth would be seen.

What would it do if you weren't, here,
everything would seem so far, nothing
would be near.

Everything I see, and all that is around
in a world without you, it would seem
like it has no sound.

What would I do,
what would life be like,
in a world without you?

It would be like stretching my hand out,
with no other hands to be found.

Like a pitcher, with no other players around,
alone at the mound.

It would be like a grocery story,
with absolutely no food.

Like living in paradise, but
always in an unhappy mood.

What would I do in a
world without you?

What would I do ...
What would life be like ...
I wouldn't want to know ...
in a world without you.