Choose the More

Everything I wear people look
at me strangely.
Everywhere I go they think
of me oddly.
Clean-cut, dressed to the nines,
I'm an oddity.
Their life is up.
My life is down.
Their look is what people want,
my look is what people don't.
On the outside their life seems to be,
On any side my life seems to be ...
That is,
you look,
within ...
Happiness shines from within,
their happiness erodes from within.
Exterior hiding what lies deep,
deep within me lies happiness.
What an oddity,
not just myself.
what an oddity, not all though ...
not everyone,
not all ...
but some,
maybe more, maybe less.
Just like we can be more or less,
no matter if we have more or less.
Choose the more even if you have more.
Choose the more even if you don't.
Choose the more from within,
to give you more,
the more,
from within.